Families experiencing high degrees of post-separation conflict frequently access many community and legal services. Such families require a significant amount of support and resources. Children who are caught in the middle of chronic post-separation disputes often are at a greater risk of emotional harm, acting out behaviours, and as an adult potentially repeating the cycle of difficult relationships. The way children and families are supported by helping professionals and the legal system is critically important in reducing the long-term social and emotional risk to those involved. Professionals working with families need specialized knowledge and support in order to effectively provide service and work collaboratively. The London Middlesex High Conflict Forum (LMHCF) was established in 2015 with the purpose of supporting professionals who work with families in high conflict situations as a result of separation or divorce.

The London Middlesex High Conflict Forum is hosting a workshop on Child and Family Therapy with High Conflict Post-Separation Families. Click here to learn more about this upcoming event.


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